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Coffee Storage
In an ideal world you would probably buy small amounts of green coffee beans, roast them yourself, and grind them immediately before brewing.  However, most people buy larger quantities of roasted beans than they can use in a few days. Or worse yet, they buy large quantities of already ground coffee.  (We've all done it but why is this so bad? -Read on!)
    When you have to store coffee beans, remember that the greatest enemy of flavor is moisture.  The volatile oils are water soluble-which gives us the flavor in the cup- but damp conditions will taint the oils.  Do not store coffee in the refrigerator, because, once opened, moisture will condense on the surface of the container.  The freezer is no better.  Coffee is porous and can easily absorb flavors and moisture from your freezer - fish flavored coffee anyone? 
   Another enemy of coffee is oxygen, which oxidizes the volatile flavors.  Seal it tightly from air and store it away from light. For the freshest taste grind the beans immediately before you brew Once the coffee has been ground, much more of its surface area is exposed to air, which means that the oils begin to evaporate and with the evaporation goes flavor.      
The bottom line: keep only 2 weeks worth of coffee on hand at a time.   The Two Joes will gladly restock your supply, one fresh roasted bag at a time!!

Whole Bean
In order to ensure the best flavor retention, coffee should be purchased whole bean and roasted just before brewing.

Brewing Tips
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